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This Calculator is important to your next steps, it was designed to give you all the information possible to help you train in your specific zones and give you an idea of how many calories to eat each day to gain weight or lose it. If you do not own a heart rate monitor, this is a great choice.

Already own a heart rate monitor?

If you want to lose 2 lbs a week.

Minus 400 calories a day of food from your total calories burned after wearing a hrm for 24 hours and not training or performing cardio.

Make your week's summary in your files on your watch say 4500-5000 calories burned, try to do it in 10 or less hours.

If you want to gain weight, eat 500-1000 calories more a day than you burn a day WITH your workouts and cardio.

Use the Heart Rate Monitor zone graphs and website to help you stay in your zones and train hard and educated.

Summed up, if you know what your total burn is on the day and you eat less than that, you will lose weight. If you know how many calories you are burning while working out, you know how many times you need to train to reach your goal. If you know what your heart rate is supposed to be and you can keep it there, you will burn fat as weight loss not muscle.

The default 40-40-20 % is suggested or you get to choose your percentages of fats, carbs and proteins and you get to choose how many meals you want.

Make sure you download the TRAINING ZONES section for a better breakdown of heart rate zones per muscle group.

Use our BMR Calculator:

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Calories per Meals (APPROXIMATED VALUES)

Common Ratios: If you do not understand much about the diets, just choose the default settings until you spend more time on the site and can make up your own opinions on what is best for you. The 40-40-20 works very well and is a very good protocol to follow.
Default values= 40% Carbohydrate, 40% Protein, 20% Fat
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If you have never really followed a plan before then I always recommend starting here. This is a pretty balanced way to start. Most can adapt to this kind of program to start and later move to something different. People really attached to carbs will do best to start here. Some of the other plans would be too difficult to start.

Moderate Values = 50% Carbohydrate, 25% Protein, 25% Fat
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These ratios are for hard gainer and an athlete. This is great for those young guys that are looking to make gains and put on muscle and size. It is best when trying to gain muscle to do in a two-step process. Put on some size and a little fat and then lean out. **The reason why the protein seems so low is because the calorie intake (many times their intake will be around 4,000) is at a place that their protein intake will be at a place there they will have the grams of protein needed to build muscle.

Zone Diet Values = 40% Carbohydrate, 30% Protein, 30% Fat
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This combination is great once you have reached your goals and you are looking to maintain. This is pretty balanced and easy to maintain.

Low Fat Values = 60% Carbohydrate, 35% Protein, 5% Fat
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This ration is what mostly used in carb cycling for males and on your high carb day you would see ratios like this. By having a high carb day you are restoring glycogen stores for your workouts. You can only deplete them for so long before you hit a wall. Also, you have to have some carbs in your diet for building. That is why carb cycling is so good to do when trying to lean out and doing some building. Females would use the following: Low Fat Values = 40% Carbohydrate, 55% Protein, 5% Fat

Low Carb Values = 25% Carbohydrate, 40% Protein, 35% Fat
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Again each body is different. Some bodies are fat burning bodies and others are sugar-burning bodies. This is more for a person that processes fat better than carbs. There are also some competition diets that will use these ratios. But I will warn you, cutting carbs for any length of time creates problems in the body and effects thyroid function. Many people eating Paleo will use these kinds of numbers also.

Extremely Low Carb Values = 10% Carbohydrate, 60% Protein, 30% Fat
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Again this is designed for carb cycling and this would be a male and a female low carb ratio. Carb cycling is great if you need to lose some weight fast and still get a little muscle. It is difficult though I will be honest.


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